Open Source ASP, HTML…Sydney Sheldon?!!

by sudharsh

Today, when I was clearing junk around my room, I came across this cd which was given to me when attended a tech symposium of a highly respected college in Chennai. That cd, as my friend suggested contained some documents containing FAQs for the semester. Normally I give away cds like this since they contain only Windows software anyway.

But today I inserted this cd and found to my pleasant surprise a folder named as Open Source. On opening , it contained 4 folders if I can remember correctly, E-Books, Flash, Projects(containing VB code) and Gate details.

Ebooks contained the entire Harry Potter series and Sydney Sheldon released under Creative Commons :P

And all Flash animations from various websites in another folder…And a project written in Visual Basic..

I am not from an institution as prestigious as the one who gave away these cds, but atleast we have some common sense with regards to knowing whats open source and whats not..:)

No offence meant