Friends for Fee

by sudharsh

Next time your friend (real or virtual) brags that he has got 3342142 friends in Orkut or MySpace or some other shitty portal..he/she may have visited this site and payed for them. How sick is this!! Sheesh..Really pisses me off when the “coolness” factor all boils down to the number of scraps, craps, and the number of friends your profile page connects to…More than half of them, you havent even got the slightest idea whether they are whom they claim to be..

If you feel depressed that you didnt get a scrap for the last 10 minutes..GO get a life..and meet a good psychiatrist (hope i spelled that right..:))

Oh btw..I came across this link at slashdot…and dont think I am one of that site’s moronic customer…