Of Piracy and Social Service

by sudharsh

Take a look at this!


One of the many WTFs you get once in a while in the tech world. Apparently PC dealers are on a state wide bandh after getting notices from Microsoft for Piracy. And these guys are claiming that they are doing a “service” to the community by installing illegitimate copies of Windoze.

SITA or South Gujarat Information Technologists Association says, “”Since we are are not charging anything extra for installing the software, it means that we are actually not trading in pirated software. For us this is just a sewa (selfless act) that we are offering to our customers. Besides, the pricing of their operating systems is way too high for the Indian markets.”

Yup, while I agree about the pricing of M$ products..And keeping their “Ethics” (or the lack of it) aside, I somehow feel for M$. Whatever said, Software Piracy is akin to stealing stuff and theres no way you can defend yourself by telling that you are a doing a god damn frigging “sewa”. Piracy is so rampant that people think that Windoze comes free with their computers. And an association that exists, supporting these Pirates, sheesh!. If you cant afford a software, buy or use something thats Free or costs less. And even if you are using a illegitimate copy of something, just dont fucking go around telling people that you are part of a great liberation revolution or worse, claim that you are doing service to the community by distributing them.

Wondering, if a day will come when pimps will roam around telling that they are doing a “sewa” to the public. Its high time the Government steps in and stop these guys. (I do my bit when someone asks me to install winxp, I ask them to STFU.)

And my evil mind says that I should try it as a prank on local computer dealers.

And if you are someone I know and have a problem in your wretched boxes, FUCK OFF! I WONT FIX IT unless its running GNU/Linux or something legally bought.

Man, am I feeling a sudden urge to skin these people alive.