by sudharsh

I had been looking for a machine replacing my 4 and a half year old computer which served me really well. I was really keen on buying (my daddy actually) a Dell XPS m133o. But the lack of payment options and the service tax really added to the hefty price. Yesterday my mom took a stroll around the Sony World and found a 14 incher which she thought would fit my needs. I went and took a look and it was love at first site. Today I brought it home :D..

Its a Sony Vaio VGN CR 36, The specifications are really competitive..Here goes,

  • Core 2 Duo t8100 clocking atround 2.1 Ghz.
  • 2 gigs of RAM
  • 200 GB hard disk (comes with 5400 RPM drive, could have been a 7200)
  • ATi Radeon x2300
  • 3 USB ports, one firewire, RJ 45 connector..blah blah blah
  • and the 14.1 inch WXGA display that looks drop dead gorgeus
  • The usual goodies, a web cam, finger print reader..etc

All this at a 54k, and I feel its a good deal, especially with the 0% finance they offer..

First of all, the keyboard is lifted straight from the macbooks (Apparently its the other way round, macs copied the keyboard from older vaios) and has that buttony feel to it. Its sturdy and a pleasure to use. Top marks there…

Its neither light nor heavy and the build quality is excellent. However the battery that comes with the CR is quite flimsy. I am afraid its a borky design. There is noticeable shake and it falls right off if I forget to lock it. Big Bleh on that.

One really cool thing about the laptop is the fact that the fan is at the sides and not at the bottom thus saving your balls.

The screen is brilliant that offers minimal reflection even though the LCD is glossy.

It ships with Vista which in my not so humble opinion is next to dog barf.  (The warranty doesn’t get screwed up if I nuke it).

Getting ready to install Gentoo on it. Tried putting the gutsy cd but refused to start X. The radeon must be the culprit for this one. I will come up with my experiences of installing Gentoo on it in the next post

Overall its a sexy machine that oozes OMFGAWESOMENESS with a competitive price. I foresee Dell cutting the prices on XPS now..