Adios WordPress

by sudharsh

After 7 long years of hosting my blog on WordPress, I am migrating all my content to an Octopress based blog on top of Github pages. 

WordPress has been a good home for my blog but its editor has recently turned out to be unintuitive especially when it comes to posting code snippets. I felt I should write more often and the WordPress editor somehow gained the ability to make me rage every time I tried to start writing something new or profound.

I have been punting on the migration for a long time till Srini pointed me to exitwp. The tool worked great except for some encoding issues and custom WordPress tags which I had to clean up.

Migrating the comments to Disqus took some work but it’s all done. I will post my notes on the migration at the new home very soon for people who are at the brink of moving away from WordPress.

To the 3 kind souls who subscribe to my blog’s rss feed, please point your reader to

Adios wordpress…